Better Back Decompression/Neck Arch

Teeter Hang Ups® offers the most customizable inversion table on the market. Position the Better Back™ Decompression Arch in the small of your back or the curve of your neck to apply gentle curvature for deeper decompression and improved alignment.

  • Customize the support by adjusting from a subtle, supportive curve to a more dramatic arch depending on your desired effect
  • Shift up or down on your Teeter Inversion Table to adapt to your desired position
  • Flexible injection-molded plastic resists wear and tear
  • Vertical tracks accommodate the Acupressure Nodes (sold separately) to help release muscle tension
  • Use with any Teeter Inversion Table and in your home, office or car

For use with the Teeter EP-950 Inversion Table.



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