DEX II Inversion System


Want a more effective alternative to the traditional inversion table? DEX II offers decompression, extension, and a variety of exercises to improve flexibility.

The DEX II is an ideal alternative to the traditional inversion table. It is a forward-rotating device that works your core and improves your flexibility, using a variety of exercises and stretches. The base can be used for modified push-ups and reverse dips. The ergonomic design focuses on the core instead of the thighs, minimizes hyperextension, and offers a safer back workout.

Designed for back safety, The Dex II uses a bent-knee, bent-hip position to flatten the lumbar curve and create an effective decompression in the lower back. Focus is on the core instead of the thighs and reduces risk of hyperextension.

While using the Dex II, hips are supported by the Vinyl Lap Cushion while inverted to allow for comfort during inverted stretches and exercises. Also, leg supports adjust for maximum comfort and security.

The lower handles are designed for several uses. They assist with rotation and can also be used as resistance tools when doing push-ups or band work, or while stretching. 

The Dex II is compact and easy to store. It is low-profile and has a steel base with scratch-resistant finish, designed to protect your floors.




  • Item Number:  D1-2000
  • UPC:  759265006066
  • Height capacity:  4’8” - 6’6" (142 – 198 cm)
  • Weight capacity:  300 lbs (136 kg)   
  • Assembled non-use dimensions:  41” x 29” x 45” (104.1 x 73.7 x 114.3 cm)
  • Assembled in-use dimensions:  41” x 29” x 45” (104.1 x 73.7 x 114.3 cm)
  • Packaged dimensions:  40.5" x 29” x 8.5" (102.9 x 73.7 x 21.6 cm)
  • Product weight:  66.1 lbs (30.0 kg)
  • Warranty:  5 Years
  • Suggested usage:  This product is for home use only.  Do not use in any commercial, rental or institutional setting.
  • U.S. and international patents apply.

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