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Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots XL

Lightweight and portable, these boots are perfect for use with Teeter Inversion Table or at the gym.

EZ-Up Gravity Boots XL are an ideal addition for your inversion experiences. This XL boot is 1” larger and 1 ½” taller than the standard boot. They can be used with your Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table, the Inversion Racks and Bars, and even on secure, appropriate bars at the gym.

With a comfortable, secure fit, they allow you to perform inverted exercises and workouts, core strengthening, and also inverted stretching and decompression.


EZ-Up Gravity Boots XL secure around the ankle/calf area with self-locking buckles to give each user a custom, comfortable fit. This XL option is larger in diameter and height.


The ultimate accessory, these gravity boots can be used with many styles of the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables, Inversion Racks and Bars, and even at the gym on appropriate bars.


An important feature, the optional Calf Loops places a bend in the knees, which reduces the load on knee joints and the top of the foot.


The EZ-Up Gravity Boots are lightweight and portable, so they are easily brought from home to the gym for maximum usage. This allows you to get the most for your investment.


The flexible shell of the EZ-Up Gravity Boots is made from a durable DuPont Hytrel for a more pliable boot that weighs just 2 lbs. each. The liners, which are made from soft 5/8” foam, offer maximum comfort. The hooks and calf loop are designed using specialized materials for superior durability and strength.