Teeter Hang Up: Flex Technology Makes the Difference

teeter hang upTeeter Hang Up makes some of the most advanced inversion table units available in the market. Part of the reason for this is because of their extreme focus and dedication to reinvesting their resources into R&D and ergonomics. One of the features which Teeter Hang Up inversion tables have is a unique and patented technology known as flex technology. Instead of creating the back material from fabric nylon, Teeter tables are made with a plastic injection molded back support mechanism. The back support is designed in a way which helps you scratch, compared to static inversion table beds. The main benefit to flex technology is that it allows users to stress and achieve a greater range of motion while they are inverted. Having the ability to move your body while you are in an inverted position will encourage your muscles to relax and help your spine to naturally realign. The surface of EP series inversion table is smooth, and reduces the amount of friction from your body pressing against the back of the unit. Allowing your body to naturally stretch and flex itself can dramatically increase your range of movement during the conversion process. A pillow is also used in your head stable, which in turn will help your neck muscles relax. Because of the back support is made out of a plastic material is impervious to accidental staining and can be easily cleaned with a cloth and disinfectant. These units are much more durable in comparison to inversion tables which use fabric, nylon or foam as the back support material. Some of the inversion tables made by competitors may use a nylon fabric, which is stretched over a metal frame. These tables will naturally become stained in time even from our body's natural perspiration and oils. Inversion tables made with metal frames can also limit your ability to stretch while you are in an inverted position. Some models made by other manufacturers will use a memory foam type material for the padding on the back of the inversion table. This actually prevents your spine from fully decompressing because of the fact that your body will sink into the foam material, which hinders its ability to naturally stretch itself out.

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