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Jim talks about his back pain, and how he found relief:
"Finally, I went for a surgical consult who stated it would be 50:50 I would get relief from surgery. That didn’t sound good to me, but I was so desperate, I was about to agree. A friend suggested the Teeter. One month later, I am virtually symptom free. I played 18 holes of golf yesterday–no pain. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back."

I injured my back over the years while building houses. My back also suffered while filling sandbags in a rush to protect my property from spring floods. Normal activities became more and more restrictive as I got older and sciatica occurred in the left leg. It got so bad that I couldn’t walk more than a quarter mile without extreme knee pain….Your inversion table has been incredible…I’ve been using it for only three weeks now and my back and leg feel better than they have in years. I have a herniated disk, a bulging disk and sciatica in my left leg..am able to walk more now, which helps in my recovery. My sciatica is 95% gone.